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16207 177th Ave SE Monroe, WA 98272


Nurturing Resilience

Matthew House Monroe is dedicated to providing spiritual guidance and support to incarcerated individuals. Through counseling, religious teachings, and community outreach, we strive to bring hope, redemption, and a path to rehabilitation. Join us in making a positive impact on the lives of those behind bars, nurturing resilience and helping them find faith and a fresh start on their journey towards reintegration into society.

Children’s center

A play area outside and inside is available for the kids.

Clothing Closest

You have to dress appropriately  when going to visit.

Emergency food supply

Emergency food is available to the families of those incarcerated.

REFERRAL services

All of our staff is here to reach out with open arms to the children and families with loved ones in prison.

special overnight ACCOMMODATIONS

If rooms are available we try to guarantee “one stay a month”

Welcome room

Come on in and get a warm cup of tea or coffee.

La Vonne Doty

Linda and her small staff do a great job of servicing the families that come to visit. When visiting, occasionally, it’s nice to see the Sunny bright smiles on our younger generation who stay there while one of their parents go to visit another.

Christine Jackson

Linda is a very nice person with a big heart. She helps out even if you just need a warm place to sit awhile before going to visit. She treats everyone like family. She’ll offer a snack or a warm cup of soup and makes you feel at home. She is great with all the kids and sometimes slips them a toy or two before heading out the door. The clothing closet helps with those who don’t quite know the rules of what type of clothing you are required to wear while visiting. She has sizes for big and small people. Having the Matthew House open is a great asset to all visitors weather you are a first timer or a veteran , it’s a great place to have. Momma Pay and her helpers make it a nice rest stop before heading to your visit.

Jeremy Fuller

I was here providing a service for this business so I did not actually use their services but for the multiple days I spent here working you get an appreciation for what they do and without a doubt know that these people really care not just about what they do but about people in general and this is very apparent by all the present and past clients just stopping by to say hi and to catch up.

Dalena Parks

This is especially useful for those who cannot stay in a hotel when traveling to see family that is incarcerated. Not sure who thought of the idea but I am grateful. Nice and clean.