Mission Statement

The vision of the Matthew House (Simon of Cyrene Society, Inc ) is to:“Support, Value and empower women, children and families of prisoners.”

“Said organization is organized exclusively to provide a support system for the prison families in the state of Washington, including, but not limited to, formation of the Matthew House to assist families of inmates, relatives, and friends of inmates; family hospitality support and such other related purposes as deemed just by the Board of Directors of said society. This corporation is organized exclusively for health, human services, and scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Matthew House provides HELP and HOPE to families with loved ones incarcerated in Washington State.

Philosophy: The Simon of Cyrene Society, Inc., is founded on strong principles of caring, and respect for all individuals. We strive for excellence, integrity and honesty in all of our business practices, as well as always treating people with dignity and respect. We will not tolerate discrimination, or prejudice towards any other individuals. These continue to be the paramount character traits we strive for in the selection of all staff.

Matthew House is an ecumenical, interracial, multi-service prison service agency which exists to reach out and respond to the loved ones of inmates of prisons and jails across the state of Washington, but primarily in Monroe, Washington. It operates three programs:

  1. The Family Van Service that provides trips to families and loved ones to prisons around the state of Washington.
  2. Overnight accommodation /shelter program. Three separate apartments provide overnight accommodations. This offers a refuge for those who might not have the financial ability to afford such lodging, or who might sleep in their vehicles, or not have made the journey in the first place.
  3. Matthew House provides an emergency food pantry, clothing room and hospitality room for those visiting loved ones at the prisons in Monroe.

Matthew House located just outside the gates of the Washington State Reformatory in Monroe, WA.

Matthew House is a 501 (c) (3) … as such we are certified as anot-for-profit corporation by the U. S.Internal revenue Service. All contributions to our work are tax deductible.